Wie sehen neue Möglichkeiten und Gestaltungsspielräume für eine globale Ökonomie im 21. Jahrhundert aus?

Wie können wir Wirtschaft neu denken?

Eine Initiative aus einem Kreis von Unternehmern aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz schafft Räume die Beispiele, Prototypen und Forschungsansätze im JETZT sichtbar machen. Die Initiative wird von Menschen getragen, die ihrem Herzen folgen und durch gegenseitiges Zuhören neue Perspektiven sichtbar machen.

Next Generation – 400 students investigate global challenges


From April 19-22 there was a gathering of about 400 students from Waldorf-Schools. The young people came from 23 nations round the world to Dornach, Switzerland. Sophie Teske (21) and Maxine Fowé (20) from the Goetheanum Youth Section initiated and facilitated the conference to reflect on challenges of our time. With a brilliant organization, an excellent time schedule, enough space to meet, talk together and having a good time, the whole conference was extremely moving, touching and inspiring.

Key issue was to investigate how to transform a global situation of multiple crisis.

With the help of 4 key-note-speakers and 29 working-groups the students focused a big variety of aspects. It became obvious that a good understanding of the world is just as important as a good understanding of ourselves as human beings and our ability of an inner transformation.

At the end some essentials became visible:

# the core of the crisis is a big divide on three levels:

• at the individual level it´s a separation of our higher self. It is a disconnection of our hearts.
• at the relational level it´s a separation from others. It´s a lack of trust, belonging and love.
• at the level of our world it´s a separation from nature. It´s an ignorance of biodiversity and the wisdom of life

# the turning point is to bridge the disconnection:

• by starting with yourself: Re-connect to ourselves and realize the impact and power of our attentiveness
• second bring attentiveness into our relations – especially in the use of money: buying, saving and giving
• with transforming yourself and transforming relations our global situation will be transformed

# what moves us forward?

–> new narratives: write down your own new story – how you want to see yourself in five years!
–> new models and prototypes: create one!
–> transforming existing structures: co-create and co-laborate with others and be part of the change!
–> being careful with ourselves: overcome doubt, hate and fear – with love!

A very practical approach was presented by two young men from Basel – Ruben Khan and Jano Nichele: „GENERATION
Have a look and get inspired!

At the end there was so much joy, pleasure and love –
and there was Hannah Arendts quote: „Plurality is the law of the earth“.

Thanks to all contributors and participants!

Teach me to trust my heart
my mind
my intuition
my inner knowing
the sense of my body
the blessings of my spirit
Teach me to trust all of these
so I can enter my sacred space and
love beyond my fear
and thus walk in harmony with the passing
of each glorious sun

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